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good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 mid dachlt i'm barbara harrison. i'm keith. right now, the state department is warning american embassy workers around the world, especially in the middle east to be on alert in the wake of this week's deadly attack in libya. that includes kuwait, sudan. egypt's embassy was also in the warning. the violence spread to yemen. this was the violence there this morning. they managed to get on to the
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embassy's grounds. demonstrators removed the sign on the outer wall and set tires on fire. they brought down an american flag and burned it. this is all in response to an anti-muslim video that sparked protest in egypt and libya. we have learned the identity of another american killed in libya. he was working for a private security company. the former navy s.e.a.l. was from massachusetts, he and am bas der stevens died in benghazi, libya. the pentagon is moving two warships. they don't have a specific mission but give the military more flexibility to launch any mission president obama should order. the president won't say if he's thinking of military action but he's vowing justice for the attack. >> what we have to do now is to
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do a full investigation, find out the facts, find out who perpetrated these terrible acts and bring them to justice. >> president obama has spoken to the presidents of libya and egypt and urged them to continue to work with the u.s. to ensure diplomats are safe. mitt romney is standing by his campaign's criticism of the white house's response to the libyan attacks. right now, he is preparing for a rally. romney will campaign at van dyke park and fairfax. megan mcgrath is live with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. you can see all the people that gathered at van dyke park. the candidate himself, mitt romney has not arrived. we are expecting him shortly. he's been criticized about the statements about u.s. diplomats and criticizing the obama
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administration for handling the situation while the events were unfolding. he is expected toouch on that subject again here this morning. romney is expected to talk about his vision for america's middle class. the banners say the romney plan for a stronger middle class. he's expected to talk about trade and china. now, the crowd here gathered very early this morning. they waited at the gates for them to open to go through security and grab a good spot to hear the speech. we have been talking to some of romney's supporters about the issue that is are important to them. >> well, i'm a retired registered nurse. i'm concerned about medicare and what's going to be happening to us. >> reporter: what are the big issues for you? >> um, economy, the taking of the church and god out of things and off of the records.
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>> i think foreign policy is one thing with what happened yesterday, i really am afraid for our country. i think we need somebody that can stand-up for us. >> the fact that he wants to basically grow the tax base by improving the economy to help fix the fiscal problems. >> reporter: the rally is expected to get under way anytime now. we are expecting to hear from mitt romney, his speech, a little after 11:30 this morning. reporting live in fairfax, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you in the studio. >> thanks. michelle obama will be in the commonwealth campaigning for her husband. she'll speak to supporters in richmond at 2:00 this afternoon. then she'll head to fredericksburg and speak to the campaign's grass roots network at the university of mary washington around 5:00 tonight. i'm running out of superlatives to use.
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it's another gorgeous day. they keep oncoming. let's find out if there's more to come. tom kierein, too good to be true. >> i, too, am speech lsz. it's absolutely gorgeous. it continues. this wonderful run of more like october weather in september is going to go toward the weekend. i'll have details on that coming up. for now, over the last 12 hours, this big area of high pressure that has been giving us this delightful pattern still sitting over the region giving us this gorgeous blue sky and sunshine. it's turned humid with a light southeasterly breeze. all the areas in yellow, they are the zones climb sboog the 70s. it's going to be warmer today than yesterday. 73 at reagan national. on the eastern shore and all of virginia and maryland, it's into the low 70s. the areas of rain in the 60s. parts of the shenandoah valley
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and west virginia, just gorgeous from the atlantic beaches to the mountains. temperatures closer to washington in the nearby suburbs, in prince george's, fairfax, montgomery counties climbing into the low and mid-70s as well as near the chesapeake bay. a look at the forecast in detail and a look at the weekend is in a couple minutes. stay tuned. >> thank you, tom. too bad the traffic hasn't been looking that great. >> no. another bad day on the roads. danella sealock i was watching the reports and the beltway is a mess. >> i had nothing but bad news. now it's better. let's check the travel speeds. 61 miles per hour i-95 northbound in virginia from prince william park way to the beltway. on 395, you look good. 54 miles per hour. this was the bad guy. still a little bad.
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under speed at 37 miles per hour from i-95 to i-270. the drive is taking 15 minutes. i-270 was also a mess. happy to report, nice and clear. in both directions you are clear. barbara and keith, back to you. >> thank you. right now, political leaders, dignitaries and the public are honoring the first men to walk on the moon. this is a live look. let's look inside the national cathedral inside a memorial service for neil armstrong. he died at the age of 82 last month. tony joins us live from outside the cathedral with more on the service for the american hero. >> reporter: throughout the course of the morning, many people walking and driving by stopped to inquire what was going on. when we said it was a memorial for neil armstrong, they wanted
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to stop by. it's things like this that will keep his legacy alive. >> one small step for man, one giant leap for me. >> reporter: in one of the most historic events in american history, neil armstrong carved a phrase in time as pioneers for the last frontier. >> to be an american and have the american people to be the first on the moon, that meant so much to me. he was my hero. >> reporter: the memorial service honoring neil armstrong was here, it was too important to miss for many supportered of the man who first stepped foot on the moon. >> i grew up about 30 miles from him. i'm from lima, ohio. neil was just down the interstate. >> reporter: he passed away in late august of this year. he may never travel in space
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again, almost everyone here remembers the exact moment he landed on the moon. >> black and white flickering television set. it was amazing. we were on a different foreign body. those words are going to echo through all of us. >> i couldn't fathom it. i was awe struck. to be walking on the moon. >> reporter: the service included speakers from nasa and dignitari dignitaries. leading it was michael collins. armstrong's walk on the moon was almost half a century ago. for the folks that weren't born, it's armstrong's legacy they have come to pay respect to. >> it's good to pay honor to him. he's a part of the reason i have the job i do now. >> a hero and icon. a person who was very humble. he handled the theme very well. >> reporter: keith and barbara,
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the memorial service is still going on. it's set to wrap up rnd 11:30. it's streaming ones nasa's website. >> thank you, tony. new, demolishing a vacant apartment complex. it's part of an effort to revitalize a community. it was near nova avenue in the coral hills area. crews are tearing down 26 buildings it's part of an initiative. it's been a public safety hazard. >> ten minutes after 11:00. a decision to make no decision. the vote taking place in the house that could put the government on auto pilot. another vote that could [ romney ] this president can ask us to be patient.
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this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message.
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today, we are going to learn just how long you can expect interest rates to stay at record lows. fed chairman, ben bernanke will hold a news conference after two days of meetings by the open market committee. he's expected to announce interest rates will remain at zero percent into 2015. also, congress hopes to avert a government shutdown before leavie ining town. here is a live look at capitol hill. the house is expected to pass a temporary bill to put them on autopilot for six months. it's also a concession by tea party members who hoped to trim the measure by a lot.
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an 11-member panel for the city's board of health is expected to vote on a soda ban introduced by the mayor. it would stop restaurants and other venues from selling sugary sodas at such venues. the ban is expected to pass. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us now with a look at the forecast. >> tro fi time for weather? >> this has been award winning weather. isn't this wonderful? i received these awards in the last couple days. >> everybody is giving you theirs? >> yes. these are ones from the last three days. isn't that wonderful? >> how many do you expect to get? >> my office is getting full. >> how many more days are we going to have? >> we're going to keep it going. we'll fill up the whole area. this award winning weather does continue. we have had wonderful sunrises and sunsets. take a look at this photo of a
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sunset picture taken a couple nights ago by one of our viewers. shannon got this awesome cloud right at sunset a couple evenings ago. you can post your photos to thanks, great photo. look at that sky over the washington monument. we have the deep blue sky. the monument lit up by this september sun. the temperature at reagan national is 73. it's more humid than it has been the last few days. pleasant throughout the rest of the afternoon. low 70s. shenandoah van lee, much of west virginia into the mid to upper 60s. around the chesapeake bay, mid of 70s. blue waters of the bay reflecting the sky. closer to washington, prince
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george's arlington, prince george's, a perfect autumn day under way. there's a view from space. large area of high pressure to thank. it's locked in place over our region. over the next 36 hours, it will drift to the north and east. then the winds will shift into the southeast and south and bring in perhaps more humidity tomorrow. then, along this fronlt producing showers, this is by friday around 3:00 in the afternoon. this front begins to move into the mountains. as it gets closer to us, a few clouds coming through friday night. they might produce an isolated sprinkle. otherwise, clouds coming through. a terrific day saturday. delightful. a few clouds sunday. otherwise, a wonderful weekend coming up. enjoy the rest of the afternoon. sunny, low humidity. around 80 by mid-afternoon. we have a light breeze and overnight tonight, if you plan ongoing out, under a clear sky,
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sunset, 7:19. upper 70s. down to the upper 60s by midnight. by dawn on friday, back down to around 60. another cool start tomorrow morning. afternoon highs up around 80. we have the clouds on the increase as they move in on friday night. again, a small chance of a sprinkle friday evening. the weekend is looking great. lots of sunshine. we'll have highs reaching near 80 on saturday. sunday into the mid-70s. morning lows mid-60s. next week, into the 70s for a high. no big heat. maybe needed rain moving in monday afternoon and evening and perhaps off and on on tuesday. it's the way it looks. >> keep it away for the weekend, the rain that is. >> we need it. >> i know. thank you, tom. let's check on the traffic, again. >> tom got trophies for his recent forecast. you didn't get any trophies today. >> i can't win today. it's a terrible day. i still have bad news.
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look at this. look at the american leenlg on bridge. you are slow as you cross the american legion bridge. also slow, as you travel on new york avenue. here is a live look, new york avenue at north capital. no accidents just seeing delays. pretty much, as you travel from florida avenue and continue on new york avenue towards north capital, this is where the bulk of your delays are. not seeing accidents in d.c. unfortunately, no awards for me. back to you guys. >> maybe tomorrow. >> maybe. >> thank you. 19 after 11:00 is the time. still ahead, it's tough to know what to wear these days with the weather slowly changing. coming up, we are going help you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall. plus, how to include your pet in your workout routine and how to get your pet to cooperate. >> here is a look at what's hot on anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia.
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our mornings are getting chilly, but the weather warms up in the afternoon. how do you transition from summer to fall without looking totally overdressed or under dressed? we have ideas. welcome back. >> thank you. it's great to be back. >> you are going to talk to us about trends. you have come down to new york to give us ideas. are the trends the same in new york as in washington? >> yes, i think they are similar. more than ever, d.c. is where women are expressing themselves with feminine, chic style. >> we talked about color with someone. they said red is the color for this fall. >> i say blue. >> the democrats will be happy
11:24 am
to hear that. some of the things you brought today are showing blue and another color. >> jewel and rich jewel tones, violet, pomegranate. >> you have pink or oversheen. let's look at that first. >> this is black but you have, what do you call that? >> pomegranate. we like to be creative with our color names. i think what's great about this look, you know, for the fall it's about feminine flurishes. this is very femme anymore anyone, chic, she has a pencil skirt on. it's a great way to dress for work. the scarf and belt add color and personality. >> the pencil skirt is back again. >> skirts are still in style. >> i think it looks great. thank you so much for showing us. the next model is wearing a
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pencil skirt, also. i guess that's got to be ober gene. >> yes. >> she's paired it with crystal works at the tyson corner store. prints and patterns are another thing we are seeing for this season. this is also a great travel outfit. these fabrics work well. they are easy to take care of. they don't wrinkle too much. >> i guess you could add a sweater to it for the cold mornings. would you have to have it in the same color? >> a neutral, black or navy. >> are there fashion dos and don'ts for this fall? >> yes. i think the fashion dos and don'ts, don't go too short with your skirts. don't show too much skin. you can be very feminine and sexy but in an appropriate way. >> everything this summer has been sleeveless. >> there's been a lot of
11:26 am
sleeveless. we are going to look at a sleeveless dress. i think you can do sleeveless, but in a way -- kind of, what do you show. if your arms are showing. let's look at the next look. this is another great look. this is a knit dress. it's in a neutral. it's in a gray. the knit is one of our best fabrics because it's very forgiving and flattering. >> we look for the forgiving fab licks. do you keep the scarf on all day? >> i think it's something that would look great on all day, especially if you are in a cold office. this is another print. this is the leopard print. we saw floral, now leopard. thank you. >> the next dress, here is the pink you say along with the blue. are we talking navy blue or all colors of blue? >> navy blue. >> this is hot pink? >> yes, this is a beautiful pink color. this is lace. another feminine flourish trend
11:27 am
is lace. the color looks beautiful. the sleeveless looks great. it's coming to the knee. >> that's beautiful in that sleeveless. you say it's more for evening? >> no, i think you could wear it to the office. you can wear it with a blazer or cardigan. >> a lot of us are wearing the same things as last year. this is a last year's dress. to keep it going, what do i do? >> add a little bit of color. look what i happen to have here, a bright scarf. i think this would help. >> wrap this around. that makes this this season. >> it would. absolutely. >> thanks for coming this year to tell us what's hot for this season. >> we love it. this saturday, we are doing a partnership at our store in tyson's corner. see you next year. >> sounds good. coming up, the attack in libya is leading to vigils and
11:28 am
memorial services around the world. we're going to show you where it's happening here. plus, the grandmother who talked her way into a trip to jail. we are working our way closer to the weekend. tom kierein will tell us what to expect from the weather. expect from the weather. stay with
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i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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right now on news 4 midday, hundreds of people gathered to hear republican candidate mitt romney in virginia. he's expected to arrive in fairfax any minute for a campaign speech. we have learned the identity of a third american killed in libya. 42-year-old glenn doererty was killed alongside the u.s. ambassador to libya, christopher stevens. two other americans were also killed. the attack is leading to vigils and memorials all around
11:32 am
the world. one took place outside the white house. the man who organized it took a year off george mason to be there. >> he was really enthusiastic about being there. he was excited about, you know, libyan americans coming and helping. i remember him specifically tells us the americans there he was proud, as an american, that we are here as americans helping out this revolution. >> stevens is the sixth u.s. ambassador killed on duty. the last one died in afghanistan in 1979. classes at morgan state university are back to normal today, a day after a man was shot on the school's campus. investigators say a man walked on to the campus student center yesterday, shot a man in the stomach and ran off. university officials put the campus on lockdown texting
11:33 am
students about the incident. neither the suspect or victim were students. it's causing some to worry about campus safety. >> reporter: do you feel safe? >> no. not at all. >> reporter: why? >> if that can happen to people that don't go here, what about people who do go here? >> the university encourages nonstudents to enjoy the campus. there could be possible security video of the shooter leaving the student center. a prince william neighborhood is in shock. police say two women were in charge of at least 20 kids at a home in woodbridge. they left a baby strapped in their car seats during a day. some placed in a closet in the bathroom. all children were under 4 years old. >> to hear that a provider was unlicensed with 21 children in their home is -- was very, very shocking to me.
11:34 am
so, my heart bleeds because to hear something like that is shocking. >> none of the children were hurt and were released back to their parents. they face seven counts of reckless endangerment of a child. family and friends will hold a candle light vigil for a high school junior shot on his way to school. it will happen at 7:00 in capital heights. he was gunned down there tuesday morning as he walked to school. police have not made arrests in this case. an undocumented immigrant is suing a co-worker who he says ripped him off when it came to his lottery prize. he tells news 4, two years ago, he bought a $20 maryland scratch off lottery ticket. ortiz doesn't speak english or have a social security number. he asked a legal english
11:35 am
speaking woman to claim it. she claimed it, but kept it for herself. now, he's suing her. if you are looking to hit the jackpot this weekend, be prepared to wait in line. the casino opened the second and final phase. a high limit slots room and 500 seat theater. it's the third largest casino in the u.s. it opened back in june. let's check in with tom kierein for the latest on the forecast. >> tom, trophies the last time. what can you give us this time? >> we hit the weather lottery. absolutely gorgeous day under way. you know, some of the trees here in northwest are beginning to show a ting of color. sort of getting a feeling of fall in the visual as well as how it feels. as we take a look around the
11:36 am
region, now the temperatures are absolutely perfect into the low 70s. most of maryland and virginia out of the mountains now in the 60s. we have a light breeze now. locally, close to washington, we are in the low to mid-70s. nearby suburbs as well as near the chesapeake bay, much of southern maryland, northern virginia and to the west near blue ridge and the north of us, howard county, all into the low 70s now. later today, around 80 degrees. average this time of year, 81. we'll be there today, tomorrow and saturday. cloudiness friday. highs mid-70s. next week, the seven day outlook might get needed rain monday evening and off and on on tuesday. high 70s, monday, tuesday and wednesday. we are going to keep the pattern going. that is the way it looks. >> thank you. >> looks good.
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>> there's a silver lining if you get a speed or red light ticket. you don't have to worry about late fees. a maryland district judge ordered the county to stop ordering the fees. it may violate state law. there was a $25 late fee if not paid within 30 days. it's bad news for the county, which made $2 million in just late fees last year. if you try to cheat maryland's tolls by blowing through the easy pass lanes, your name could end up in a hall of shame. they are working to find out if they can publicize the names of toll cheats. lawmakers are working on legislation to crackdown on drivers who don't pay. earlier this week, "the washington post" reported 650,000 cars owe nearly $7 million in unpaid tolls. a 77-year-old woman is
11:38 am
accusing a police officer of hurting her during a routine traffic stop. the incident was caught on tape. >> i need to see your drivers license. >> i'll give it to you in a minute. >> do it now or i'll take you to jail. >> go ahead. >> okay. >> the 77-year-old was pulled over for speeding. she refused to show her drivers license. the city is standing by the officer saying he asked her four times for the license. she refused. we are going to check on the traffic to see if things are moving better than earlier today. >> danella, what's the latest? >> luckily i'm not playing the lottery. i would lose. traveling i-66 eastbound you are a little bit heavy on the brakes to the beltway. i'm not seeing accidents. you are just sluggish. let's keep talking ability delays. georgetown pike on the outer
11:39 am
loop, your delay starts across the american legion bridge. also, slow just a bit. inner loop of the beltway, your delays continue to georgia avenue. checking for accidents and not seeing any around the beltway is good news. back to you. >> thanks. a new study shows the whooping cough loses effectiveness years after the final vaccine is given. after the fifth and final vaccine is given, the effectiveness dropped by 50%. children around 11 or 12 need a booster shot to prevent the disease. tonsil surgery could cause your child to gain weight, we are hearing. it's according to a new study. children under the age of 6 are most likely to gain weight. the average weight, two pounds. they don't know why. maybe the surgery allows them to
11:40 am
eat better. anytime we can multitask, it's a good thing, especially this time of year when everyone is so busy. how about getting your workout in at the same time as your family pet. steve hayes shows us how to stay fit with your dog. good morning. >> good morning. >> introduce us to your guests. >> remmy has nothing to do with martin. >> right. >> now, lab rescue group, tell us about that. >> we are a local rescue organization that rescues labrador retrievers. we have a lot in our system now, about 90. we have an adoption event coming up. remmy is one of the alumni. >> tell us the benefits of walking with your dog. >> oh, keith, fist of all, reports show not only is it good exercise for you and the dog, but mentally, it releases
11:41 am
stress. i'm telling you, man, you have so much fun when you walk a dog. one quick story, these dogs are incredibly smart. barbara, when we were filming a session, she has a rescue dog named -- i won't tell you the name, somebody might try to kidnap him. it shocked me. we were doing push ups and i looked over and he was doing push ups. i turned to barbara. >> barbara will verify that. >> i'll have to get her to verify that after the show. a dog doing push ups. it's beneficial for the owner. what about the pet? >> the pet, it helps keep the pet in shape, keeps them stimulated mentally. if you take them for a long walk in the morning, they will sleep all day while you are at work. a tired dog is a good dog. >> this looks like a tired dog and a good dog. talk about the leash.
11:42 am
you have a special leash. >> this is an easy harness. >> show it to the viewers. >> it catches them from the front like you would guide a horse. a lot of times people put collars on their neck. it can pull and do damage. have a harness like this. it doesn't pull on him. if you don't have a look on his back, he won't pull you. it has the double added benefit. it helps him and helps you walk him. >> we have seen dogs yank owners around before. >> yes. >> we have seen that. >> yes! that's why a couple exercises one needs to do. >> stretching. >> stretching is incredible. as a matter of fact we want to show you exercises we did. one where -- stretch the quad. >> i'm going to try to do that. i can't lift my knee up that
11:43 am
high. >> and the hamstring. also, upper body exercise, too. when she was walking, those are powerful dogs. they will snap you like that. before you know it, you have a pulled shoulder or elbow. you were telling the story about a knee. >> one of our foster homes twisted their knee when the dog turned quickly and pulled her. it happened in an instant. >> get the hips loose. they will break out in a run if they see a squirrel. you have to be prepared to run with it. >> people think the dog moves at their pace. >> it's all about the nose. >> leading the way. >> leading the way. >> where can you point us with your wellness tip of the week? >> this is national cholesterol month. 65 million people have high cholesterol. one thing you can eat are red beans, pinto beans, green bean.
11:44 am
the greatest thing you can eat every day is an apple. >> one apple a day keeps the doctor away. >> there you go. >> beans and an apple. steve and sherry. look at remmy. now all of a sudden he's active. >> he's stretching. this is after workout stretch. >> thanks for everything. >> thank you so much. >> this was very, very fun. still ahead on news 4 midday, we look at a special exhibit that honors women who rock. plus, federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke holds a press conference. a look at what he's
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the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits jumped to the highest level in two months. let's check in with cnbcs julia. she joins us with the rest of the days headlines. hello.
11:48 am
>> reporter: good morning to you. stocks are trading mixed out of the federal reserve statement. investors are waiting to see if ben bernanke will launch easing after weak economic data. the dow is trading a half percent higher. the nasdaq down by a half percent and s&p 500 is up by a half percent. the labor department says the number of americans filing claims for jobs rose to the highest level in two months. several states reporting an increase related to isaac. apple shares are moving higher. the tech giant unveiled the iphone 5, ipod touch. advanced orders for the iphone 5 start tomorrow. shares are higher after announcing the wii video game counsel. it goes on sale november 18 for 300 bucks, deluxe for 350.
11:49 am
it includes intendo tv i. a way to search on demand, access to netflix hulu and on demand. >> in this week's wednesday's child, we meet kendra. she was left without a parent when hers died. she's hoping a family will love her as a daughter and accept her baby as a grandchild. kendra is a good mommy to her 16-month-old child. as a recently turned 15-year-old, she needs a mom herself. she's been in foster care since she was 13. kendra's baby was born a year later. right now, they live in a home and school for teen moms. kendra has continued to work toward her goals as a hard-working student. >> she louisvilles to play basketball. she's doing beautifully in school.
11:50 am
we are happy with the progress. >> she is a bright 15-month-old. we invited them for a shopping spree and asked a stylist to create a mommy and me look. >> we are with leslie. >> she found a number of looks for kendra and her baby. she wanted things to wear for school. >> wow. >> she says she wants to go to college and some day become a lawyer. her teachers say they know she can do it. she could use the love and encouragement of a parent or parents. both kendra and her daughter spent lots of time in the dressing rooms and both found outfits that were perfect for them as a duo. >> we want you to take the outfit home. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> room in your heart for kendra
11:51 am
and her daughter or another child waiting, please call our special adoption hot line. the number is 888-to-adopt-me. >> as always, a great segment for a great cause. >> we hope someone will call for her. she's hopeful to have a family soon. coming up, a look at this weekend's street festival. tom kierein will be back anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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but it makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. this president can tell us it was someone else's fault. but this president cannot tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. [ female announcer ] here in virginia, we're not better off under president obama. his defense cuts threaten over one hundred thirty thousand jobs, lowering home values, putting families at risk. the romney plan? tax cuts for middle class families. north american energy independence. create over three hundred forty thousand new jobs for virginia. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approved this message.
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♪ in today's weekend scene, music and fashion is dominating the area in the coming days. t"the washington post" is here with high ligs. it's great to see you again. let's talk about the women who rock exhibit. there's interesting costumes being shown. >> the national museum of women of the arts is really cool. it's almost like the first lady's exhibit. we've seen lady gaga's out fit. madon madonna's cone outfit. >> what do they call that? cone bra? >> yeah.
11:55 am
it's her 1990 tour. the exhibit is cool. it not only tells us about the 70 plus women in rock from janice joplin to janet jackson. >> these are the real outfits. the reason we get to see them here is they donated the outfit to the museum of rock and roll history in cleveland. that is who organized the show. they are at the museum of arts. >> what is your favorite costume? >> i like janice joplin's dress. you never think of her as being feminine. >> what's it like? >> teeny tiny. she beaded it herself. she was a seamstress. >> i look forward to seeing that. let's move on to the h street festival. it's saturday from noon to 7:00 p.m. it's a fun event. i brings in all the bars and
11:56 am
restaurants and performing arts we see. a very cool festival. lots of food. bring cash and the kick off to oktoberfest. >> do you pay a fee to participate or buy food at the different restaurants? >> you buy food at the different restaurants. we'll see restaurants like the new one they are buzzing about. they are debuting pies. you pay for that, but admission is free. >> come with cash. >> right. >> d.c. fashion week is coming up. when is that? >> kicking off on monday. they are having a preview of that. the official event is on monday. for all the people that are jealous of the folks in new york, this is a chance to experience fashion close to home. we'll see that continue across the city. >> there are local designers involved in this? >> as well as international designe designers. we'll have international
11:57 am
designers, some in the street on september 19th. >> lots of fun stuff coming up. hopefully, it will hold through the weekend. we might get rain next week. we'll check the weather shortly. good to see you. >> thanks. of course for more information log on to for the going out guide. keith? >> let's take a look at some of the stories we are following on news 4 this afternoon. coming up on news 4 at 4:00, a fire started and turned into real life. how a sleepwalker might have sent an apartment up in flames. and, do you have justin bieber fever? we just showed you him. tune in to news 4 at 4:00 to enter the justin bieber tket sweep stakes. at 5:00, a scam targeting hospital patients and families. someone used this device to steal thousands of dollars at a local hospital. that story and a live report on
11:58 am
mitt romney and first lady's stops in virginia. let's get a final check on the forecast. tom, look at that beautiful sky. >> live picture from the city camera. gorgeous blue sky over washington. here is how it's looking. we are going to keep the pattern going. the end of the weekend, highs near 80 tomorrow as well as saturday. sunday a bit cooler. some of the rain moving in monday and tuesday. the events this weekend looking great. >> thank you. that's news 4
11:59 am

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